Model: 2021 Ford F150 - Whelen Version
Lighting: Non-ELS
Template Included: Yes
Parts List: Whelen Lighting Package
Vehicle Variants: Marked, Slicktop & Unmarked

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Vehicle Features:

  • Environmental Lighting
  • Detailed Interior/Exterior
  • Multiple Livery Options
  • Custom Lighting Pattern
  • Multiple Togglable Extras
  • Custom Template
  • Custom Window Templating
  • Multiple Vehicle Variants
  • Custom Dirt Mapped
  • Slide Out Tray Feature
  • Functional Toolbox
  • Lightbar Glass Template
  • Fuel Off-Road Wheels
  • Realistic Moveable Spotlight
  • Multiple Modkits
  • All Blue Version
  • Red & Blue Version

This model now features new ways of adding more customisation to my vehicle models by using vehicle modkits!

Togglable Vehicle Extras:
Extra 1: Lightbar
Extra 2: Dashlight
Extra 3: Sunvisor Lights
Extra 4: Rambar
Extra 5: Grille Lights
Extra 6: Passenger Spotlight
Extra 7: Driver Spotlight
Extra 8: Prisoner Cage
Extra 9: ExtendoBed
Extra 10: Canopy
Extra 11: Backrack
Extra 12: Toolbox

2021 Ford F150 Whelen — $30


DIBZER#0024 - Ford F150 Base
BransonDuck - Conversion of Base
CEO#6135 - Whelen Liberty II, Whelen ION's
Matthew Peralta#0487 - Federal Signal Valor
Dan with the Van!#6969 - Federal Signal Xstream, backrack, equipment parts
Billy J#1549 - Winch, interior equipment including laptop, pocketjet printer, clipboard, Roof ALPR's
XBR410#4100 - Multiple exterior and interior parts, extendobed, misc equipment
CAPONE#0627 - Canopy, Multiple equipment & custom parts
Cj24#0013 - Federal Signal lighting
Jakub Peralta#6969 - Havis Console
krul#2137 - Whelen FST
Mcgarret#2384 - Moveable spotlight contribution
Cööĸﻨεร²⁵⁶⁸#0583 - Screenshots

Massive shout out to sergeantfranki#2708 for the multiple livery options!