Model: 2021 Ford F150 Pack
Lighting: Non-ELS
Template Included: Yes
Parts List: Whelen Lighting Package & Federal Signal Lighting Package
Vehicle Variants: Marked, Slicktop & Unmarked

Don't want the pack, you can buy either version of the 2021 F150 you like!
Click here to view the Whelen F150 Version
Click here to view the Federal Signal F150 Version

Vehicle Features:

  • Environmental Lighting
  • Detailed Interior/Exterior
  • Multiple Livery Options
  • Custom Lighting Pattern
  • Multiple Togglable Extras
  • Custom Template
  • Custom Window Templating
  • Multiple Vehicle Variants
  • Custom Dirt Mapped
  • Slide Out Tray Feature
  • Functional Toolbox
  • Lightbar Glass Template
  • Fuel Off-Road Wheels
  • Realistic Moveable Spotlight
  • Multiple Modkits
  • All Blue Version
  • Red & Blue Version

This model now features new ways of adding more customisation to my vehicle models by using vehicle modkits!

2 Different Lighting Packages!

  • Whelen Lighting
  • Federal Signal Lighting

Togglable Vehicle Extras:
Extra 1: Lightbar
Extra 2: Dashlight
Extra 3: Sunvisor Lights
Extra 4: Rambar
Extra 5: Grille Lights
Extra 6: Passenger Spotlight
Extra 7: Driver Spotlight
Extra 8: Prisoner Cage
Extra 9: ExtendoBed
Extra 10: Canopy
Extra 11: Backrack
Extra 12: Toolbox

2021 Ford F150 Pack — $50


DIBZER#0024 - Ford F150 Base
BransonDuck - Conversion of Base
CEO#6135 - Whelen Liberty II, Whelen ION's
Matthew Peralta#0487 - Federal Signal Valor
Dan with the Van!#6969 - Federal Signal Xstream, backrack, equipment parts
Billy J#1549 - Winch, interior equipment including laptop, pocketjet printer, clipboard, Roof ALPR's
XBR410#4100 - Multiple exterior and interior parts, extendobed, misc equipment
CAPONE#0627 - Canopy, Multiple equipment & custom parts
Cj24#0013 - Federal Signal lighting
Jakub Peralta#6969 - Havis Console
krul#2137 - Whelen FST
Mcgarret#2384 - Moveable spotlight contribution
Cööĸﻨεร²⁵⁶⁸#0583 - Screenshots

Massive shout out to sergeantfranki#2708 for the multiple livery options!