Model: 2021 BMW M4 Speed Enforcement
Lighting: Non-ELS
Template Included: Yes
Parts List: Whelen Lighting Package
Vehicle Variants: Marked, Slicktop & Unmarked

Vehicle Features:

  • Environmental Lighting
  • Detailed Interior/Exterior
  • Multiple Livery Options
  • Custom Lighting Pattern
  • Multiple Togglable Extras
  • Custom Template
  • Multiple Vehicle Variants
  • Custom Dirt Mapped
  • Slide Out Tray Feature
  • Multiple Vehicle Modkits
  • Lightbar Floodlight
  • FAST Handling Line
  • All Blue Version
  • Red & Blue Version

Includes a Sheriff livery & LSPD livery, check out the photo's for more!

This model now features new ways of adding more customization to my vehicle models by using vehicle modkits! Modkits are now being featured on most of my new releases and are a great way of adding more customization to vehicles.

Togglable Vehicle Extras:
Extra 1: Lightbar
Extra 2: Dashlight
Extra 3: Sunvisor Lights
Extra 4: Rear Window Lights
Extra 5: Plate Lights
Extra 6: Grille Lights
Extra 7: Lightbar ALPR
Extra 8: Laptop & Stand
Extra 9: Moving Antenna
Extra 10: Large Antenna
Extra 11: Small Antenna
Extra 12: Lightbar Floodlight

Togglable Modkits:

  • Siren Controller
  • Carbon Roof
  • Radar Unit
  • Boot Antenna Options

2021 BMW M4 — $30


CEO#6135 - Whelen ION's
Five0 - Whelen Legacy
Kane104#5206 - Whelen Avengers
Billy J#1549 - Interior equipment including laptop, antennas, clipboard, Roof ALPR's
MAMA MURPHY#8370 - Conversion & Base
XBR410#4100 - Multiple exterior and interior parts & misc equipment
krul#2137 - Whelen FST
Cj24#0013 - Multiple antennas
T0bad4y0u#7681 - Custom handling line
Epic Gaming#8467 - Multiple Skin Creations
Cööĸﻨεร²⁵⁶⁸#0583 - Screenshots

Massive shout out to T0bad4y0u#7681 for the amazing handling line supplied for the M4, it possibly one of the best handling lines to be supplied with one of my vehicles!