Model: 2019 Ford E350 Prisoner Transport
Lighting: Non-ELS
Template Included: Yes
Parts List: Whelen Liberty II, Whelen Avenger, Whelen LINZ6 500, Whelen Single Avenger, Whelen M7's
Vehicle Variants: Marked, Slicktop & Unmarked

Vehicle Features:

  • Environmental Lighting
  • High Detailed Interior/Exterior
  • Multiple Livery Options
  • Custom Lighting Pattern
  • Multiple Togglable Extras
  • Custom Template
  • Multiple Vehicle Variants
  • Custom Dirt Mapping
  • Working Dash/Dials
  • Detailed Prisoner Cage
  • 7 Seat Vehicle (Fits 5 in Prisoner Cage)
  • Unmarked Livery Included
  • All Blue Version
  • Red & Blue Version

Togglable Vehicle Extras:
Extra 1: Lightbar
Extra 2: Dashlights
Extra 3: Side Lighting
Extra 4: Rear Right Lighting
Extra 5: Rear Left Lighting
Extra 6: Laptop
Extra 7: Roof Antennas
Extra 8: Roof Antennas
Extra 9: Headlight Strobes

2019 Ford E350 Prisoner Transport — $40


Dan with the Van!#8386 - Converting base, edits, parts and multiple contributions
Billy J#1549 - Custom Prisoner Cage, accessorys, skin creation and multiple contributions
Riot J.#5150 - Creating layouts for seating in the vehicle
XBR410#0410 - Lighting equipment and multiple contributions
FAXES#8655 - Showcase video and multiple contributions